New Member Application

Thank you for your interest in joining Hamlin Volunteer Ambulance.

Step #1

Fill out the Application by downloading here: New Member Application

Step #2

You MUST contact your doctor to have them fill out the Medical Form. Please bring the Decription and Medical Form to them to fill out and sign.

Medical Description Form

Medical Form

Step #3

We ask for 3 Personal References. Please forward the following form to 3 people that can speak to your character.

Personal Reference Form

There are instructions on the form as to how they return it to Hamlin Volunteer Ambulance.

Step #4

You will forward all this information to The Director of Membership at Hamlin Volunteer Ambulance and he/she will schedule an interview with you , Memebrship Director, President and The Director of Operations.

During this interview you will get some information from them and they will find out a litte about you. After this interview we will discuss and if it all looks good we will schedule you to come before our members at our next scheduled Membership Meeting.

Step #5

You will come before membership to discuss joining HVA. We will then ask you to step out of the room so the membership can discuss. After discussion we will then vote on you joining HVA. You will find out right after this vote.

Step #6

You will be issued a key fob to have access to Hamlin Ambulance Base. You are encouraged to come and start getting familiar with layout of both our ambulances.

Step #7

You will then be required to complete 3 on-line courses pertaining to The National Incident Management System. This is a result of 911 and a means so that all First Rresponder Agencies can communicate in times of inter-agency event,.

(Please do in the following order 700-100-200)




Step #8

You will then take and pass the CPR for Health Care Proffesionals course. This is a course provided and conducted right at Hamlin Ambulance Base.

Step #9

You will then be issued a shirt and a pager so that you may respond to calls.


The adventure is just begining. Now is the time for you to decide how far you take this great experience .

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